Angle Roll

, W24S-1500

The W24S-1500 angle roll is a hydraulic driven, 3-roll profile bending machine designed for bending all kinds of U, H and I steels, flat and round steel bars, round, square and rectangular tubes, etc. It is now the approved profile bender in the global market with the highest bending precision, efficiency and cost effectiveness, and it is especially suitable for forming ultra thick and large diameter flanges.

This hydraulic bender has found wide applications in automobile, hydro power, oil, chemical, valve, steel construction, shipbuilding, pressure vessel and machine manufacturing industries. Aside from customizable dies for different profile specifications, we can also appoint technicians to guide installation on site and train users how to operate.

Features of the Angle Roll
1. Two lower rolls individually driven by hydraulic system can rotate at clockwise and counter clockwise directions.
2. Guide rolls are also driven by the hydraulic system, providing convenience to control profile deformation during bending and improving bending precision.
3. All actions of the metal forming equipment is centrally controlled by the electric control system and driven by hydraulic motor.
4. Thanks to a displacement sensor, the console panel can clearly show the displacement of the working roll.
5. Top class hydraulic valve block of world renowned brand ensure high reliability in quality.
6. The angle roll employs wideband motor, ensuring high insulation property and high longevity.
7. Independent control console and hydraulic power unit provide users with high flexibility in operation.

On-site commissioning

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