Angle Roll

, W24S-100

Designed to bend various profiles and tubes including angle steels, channel steels, H steels, flat steels, round steel tubes, square steel tubes, rectangular steel tubes, etc., our W24S-100 angle roll delivers high bending efficiency, accuracy and save you materials and energy. The 3-roll bending machine with digital display system boasts independent control panel and hydraulic power unit which provide high flexibility in operation.

Features of the Angle Roll
1. Bending dies or tooling can be tailored according to customer's profile size. Due to tempering and quenching treatment, they offer desired surface hardness and wear resistance.
2. Two lower rolls can rotate around a fixed center for pre-bending the profiles.
3. This metal forming machine is equipped with a displacement sensor (grating ruler), ensuring that positions of the two lower rolls can be precisely monitored and displayed on the control panel. Accuracy is up to ±0.15mm.
4. The guide rollers with 3-Axes for forward-backward, up-down and left-right movements are driven by hydraulic cylinders and controlled via the control console, convenient for controlling profile deformation and bending precision.
5. All three rollers are individually driven by hydraulic motors, and they can conduct clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.
6. All actions of the angle roll are powered by the hydraulic power station.
7. The section bending machine operates in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Technical Parameters of the Angle Roll
Model W24S-100
Max. bending modulus of section (cm3) 100
Bending speed (m/min) 5
Yield limit of material ( MPa ) 245
Inward bending of angle steel
Maximum cross section (mm) 140×16
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 2500
Minimum cross section (mm) 40×5
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 720
Outward bending of angle steel
Maximum cross section (mm) 140×16
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 1800
Minimum cross section (mm) 45×5
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 760
Outward bending of channel steel
Channel steel model 28
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 1100
Inward bending of channel steel
Channel steel model 28
Minimum bending radius (mm) 1700
Plane bending of flat steel
Maximum cross section (mm) 250×40
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 1200
Vertical bending of flat steel
Maximum cross section (mm) 120×40
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 1300
Bending of round pipe
Maximum cross section (mm) 159×5
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 2000
Bending of round bar
Maximum cross section (mm) 90
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 1100
Bending of square pipe
Maximum cross section (mm) 100×10
Minimum bending diameter (mm) 2000

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