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Angle Roll / Profile Bending Machine

    1. Angle Roll, W24S-16W24S-16 angle roll is a 3-roll profile bending machine designed by Juli for bending various types of profiles including angle steels, channel steels, I-steels, flat steels, round bars, round steel pipes, square steel pipes, and others.
    1. Angle Roll, W24S-45Want an efficient, precise and material saving solution for bending of flat steels, angle steels, U and H steels, round steel bars, round steel tubes, square steel tubes and many other sections?
    1. Angle Roll, W24S-75Our W24S-75 angle roll, with up to 5m/min bending speed and 75cm3 max. section bending modulus, is capable of bending various profiles and tubes including angle steels, U steels, H steels, round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, etc.
    1. Angle Roll, W24S-140Efficient, precise and material saving, our W24S-140 angle roll provides the optimal solution for various kinds of profiles bending, with the maximum bending modulus of section up to 140cm3. This hydraulic profile bending machine comes with excellent wear resistance and is suitable for high demanding works.
    1. Angle Roll, W24S-180Up to 180cm3 bending modulus of section, profile top pre-bending capability, high working efficiency and bending accuracy are what the W24S-180 angle roll brings to your works in bending various types of steel profiles and tubes.
    1. Angle Roll, W24S-260W24S-260 is the best angle roll for multiple profiles bending purposes. Specifically, it can be used to bend angle steels, flat steels, channel steels, H beams, round tubes, square tubes, round bars, and various types of section steels as well as irregular profiles.

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