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2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

The W10NC-4×670 2 roll plate bending machine from Juli is mainly comprised of hydraulic motor, hydraulic system, electrical system, rubber lower roll, upper roll with mandrel and hydraulic drop end. It is a high quality and cost effective plate bender designed for large batch production rolling of thin walled cylinders such as oil tank, ventilation pipe, chimney, filter, solar heater pipe, auto-vent pipe, liquid or gas tank, etc.

1. The plate bending machine provides high forming precision for rolled components.
2. In this sheet metal bender, a complete cylinder is rolled in one pass and is left with a minimal flat part.
3. High bending speed is a notable trait of the plate bending roll.
4. Automatic infeed loading system and automatic ejection of finished components are available.
5. Rubber lower roll delivers desired elasticity.

Technical Parameters
Power supply: 380V, 50HZ
Rated power: 5.5KW
Hydraulic system pressure: 1mpa-8mpa
Filling oil: 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil
Rolling thickness: 1-4mm
Workpiece diameter: 300-400mm
Workpiece length: 670mm

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