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CNC Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine, 4 Roll

Our W12NC series CNC hydraulic plate bending machine is a now state of the art 4 roll plate roll in the world, combined with the extreme versatility, proven reliability, and performance. It can pre-bend the end of plate in both sides without having to turn it the other way around. For fabricators, welding shops, maintenance shops and production applications in oil, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding hydro power, metal structure and machine manufacturing industries, this 4 roll plate bender is preferred choice for rolling cylindrical, arc and conical workpieces.

Model Selection

1. The hydraulic plate bending machine comes with four rolls. Top roll is driven by gear reducer or hydraulic motor to offer torque for bending. Pinch roll is driven by hydraulic cylinder to move vertically. Two side rolls driven by hydraulic cylinders move up and down slantwise.
2. Four rolls are all made of 42CrMo steel. Forging and surface hardening processes provide the HB250~280 surface hardness, excellent wear resistance and long lifespan.
3. Bearings at two ends of the working roll are self-aligning roller bearings, ensuring small friction coefficient, reducing power consumption and saving energy.
4. The CNC plate roll is designed with a high precision displacement sensor for monitoring the positions of pinch roll and side rolls.
5. An encoder is mounted on the top roll to clearly pinpoint the rotation position of the roll and thereby to easily find the seam of cylinder.
6. Mobile CNC control panel is provided for easy operation. Through the touch screen on the panel, operator can clearly see the positions of three working rolls.
7. The control system with OMRON intelligent PLC controller boasts strong resistance to interference, high longevity, remarkable running stability and other notable advantages.
8. Main hydraulic manifolds are from Taiwan NORTHMAN, which come with large flow, tiny resistance, low pressure loss and low heat.
9. Hydraulic driven drop end delivers high reliability and convenience for finished components unloading.
10. The 4 roll plate bending machine is fitted with a balancing device at the end of top roll to balance the top roll when the drop end turns over.
11. The hydraulic system comes with oil filter for system cleaning as well as air filter for normal air in and out of oil tank and water evaporation. It is equipped with a double-way safety protection device to maximize safety in use.
12. Hydraulic drop end of the 4 roll plate bending machine, namely unloading device is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to realize automatic drop and erection, thus ensuring ease of workpiece unloading. Due to an interlocking device, other actions of the machine will stand by when the hydraulic drop end turns over, and only after the drop end erects can the machine runs again. This ensures high safety.

Applicable Industries
The sheet metal bending machine is excellent for use in tank truck, chimney, chemical, hydro power, thermal power, shipbuilding, aviation, pressure vessel, pipe, tunnel, bridge, metal structure and machine manufacturing industries.

Juli's Service Assurance
1.Professional after-sales team, on-site installation and commissioning, free operator training;
2. One-year warranty, free maintenance during warranty period, abundant inventory of quick wear parts.

Technical Parameters of the Plate Bending Machine
Model Max. rolling width (mm) Max. rolling thickness (mm) Pre-rolling thickness (mm) Rolling speed (m/min) Min. rolling diameter of full loading (mm) Yield limit of plate (MPa) Top roll diameter (mm) Lower roll diameter (mm) Side roll diameter (mm) Main electric motor (kw)
W12NC-12×2000 2000 12 8 4.5 600 245 240 220 180 22
W12NC-12×4000 4000 12 8 4.5 800 245 380 340 280 30
W12NC-20×2500 2500 20 16 4.5 800 245 380 340 280 30
W12NC-25×2500 2500 25 20 4.5 800 245 430 380 320 30
W12NC-40×2500 2500 40 32 4.5 1200 245 550 530 380 37
W12NC-40×3200 3200 40 32 4.5 1300 245 650 580 480 45
W12NC-50×2500 2500 50 42 4.5 1600 245 580 520 400 45
W12NC-50×3200 3200 50 42 4 1800 245 680 650 520 45
W12NC-60×2500 2500 60 50 4 1800 245 640 600 480 75
W12NC-60×3200 3200 60 50 3.5 2000 245 700 680 550 75
W12NC-70×3000 3000 70 60 3.5 2000 245 750 720 600 125
W12NC-80×3200 3200 80 70 3 2200 245 800 780 620 132
W12NC-90×4000 4000 90 80 3 3500 245 900 880 700 180
Due to continuous product improvement, actual data might vary slightly. If that happens, please follow the technical parameters of mutual agreement. Juli reserves the right to revise design, construction and specifications without prior notice.

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