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High Speed Plate Bending Machine

Here at Juli, we offer you a high speed plate bending machine which is specially designed to bending metal sheets in the shortest time. To be specific, the metal bender can roll a cylinder in 50 seconds. Equipped with automatic feeding and unloading system, the sheet rolling machine can complete one-pass forming automatically without straight section left.

Features of the Plate Bending Machine
1. High rolling precision;
2. Extremely high bending speed;
3. No straight part left for metal sheet;
4. Automatic loading and unloading system

Technical Parameters
Power supply: 380V, 50HZ
Rated power: 5.5KW
Hydraulic system pressure: 1MPa-8MPa
Filling oil: 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil

The plate bending machine is perfect for producing thin-walled cylinders in large batch such as automobile oil tanks, ventilation pipes, chimney, filters, solar water heater tubes, vent pipes, air or liquid storage tanks, etc.

Juli's Service Assurance
1.Professional after-sales team, on-site installation and commissioning, free operator training;
2. One-year warranty, free maintenance during warranty period, abundant inventory of quick wear parts.

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