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Tube Bending Machine

W27Y is a completely hydraulic driven tube bending machine controlled by a PLC control system with screen for digital readout of bending angles. It can store 100 bending programs, each of which can preset 8-10 bending angles. Clamping and guiding devices and mandrel are individually driven by hydraulic cylinders. They can work in a harmonious coordination to complete a perfect bending. The hydraulic tube bender can carry out bending with or without mandrel.

1. Welded machine frame comes with simple structure and light weight, and it makes the entire tube bending machine elegant and eye-catching.
2. Main drive part is driven by master hydraulic cylinder to make the bend-arm rotate.
3. Clamping mechanism is used to clamp the tube. It rotates along with the main shaft, enabling the die and tube to rotate synchronously.
4. The CNC tube bender is designed with an excellent guiding device which supports the straight part of the tube during bending. Clamping actions of the guide mechanism are all realized by a link mechanism driven by a hydraulic cylinder. By opening the cover of peephole designed on its side, you can conduct inspection, maintenance and adjustment.
5. Mandrel is fitted at the rear part of the hydraulic pipe bending machine. Driven by screw rod, bending radius of the mandrel can be adjusted. It is also designed with pointer and scaleplate to show the mandrel's position. The mandrel is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and the part out of range can be controlled by adjusting the screw nut. A supporting device is mounted on the machine to bear the mandrel and pipe. The mandrel can be removed for mandrel-free bending.
6. Major control components in the hydraulic system of our tube bending machine are from Taiwan Northman. The hydraulic system features modular construction. Pipeline is constructed from seamless steel pipes and high pressure hoses are used for flexible connection. Together with cone seals, the system is free from leakage and provides exceptional reliability.
7. Electrical system is powered by a 3-Phase 380V/50Hz power supply. The control line is powered by a 380/110V transformer to control contactor, intermediate relay and electromagnetic valve. PLC controller and display are all from OMRON, ensuring digital readouts of bending angle. All control buttons and switches are installed on the portable control console, though which you can realize real-time control of each mechanism. This is also convenient for commissioning and maintenance.
8. The tubing bender's tooling includes bending die, adjustable clamp, guiding die, mandrel head, etc. According to user's requirements and actual bending needs, it can also be equipped with wrinkle resistant plate and soft mandrel head to improve tube bending quality.
9. Limit switch and scram button are provided for ensuring operators' safety.

Applicable Industries
The hydraulic pipe bender is excellent for use automobile, chemical, thermal power, shipbuilding, aviation and machinery manufacturing industries.

Juli's Service Assurance
1.Professional after-sales team, on-site installation and commissioning, free operator training;
2. One-year warranty, free maintenance during warranty period, abundant inventory of quick wear parts.

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