W12NC-40×3000 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine for a customer in Zhejiang

W12NC-40×3000 is a CNC hydraulic 4-roll plate bending machine designed by Juli that is a prominent metal forming machine manufacturer in China. Now, we are going to show you the on-site commissioning service on the hydraulic bending machine we have supplied to our customer. Through commission, our engineers can train the operators how to use the sheet metal equipment.

Features of the Plate Bending Machine
1. Welded construction from steel forgings, ensuring compact structure and high stability;
2. Solid rolls with exceptional strength, robustness and wear resistance;
3. Mobile control console for maximum flexibility in use;
4. Hydraulic drive

On-Site Commissioning

  • Pre-bending
  • Rolling
  • Rolling
  • Rolling

W12NC-40×3000 4-roll plate bending machine

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