Juli - Your trustworthy plate rolling machine manufacturer from China with 17 years experience in this industry. Not only do we focus on production quality, but we also pay attention to your quality in use. We have complete after-sales service system and sophisticated service team which will deliver considerate service to you. To handle your worries after buying our metal bending machines, Juli offers but not limited to following supports:

When the machine is completed, we conduct pre-commissioning. We will tell you the commissioning result and deliver the machine after receiving your confirmation. In addition, you are welcomed to our factory for on-site test.

On-site Installation, Commissioning and Training
1. We offer operating manual and installation manual to ensure correct installation and safe use. If required, we can appoint technicians to your place to conduct on-site installation and commissioning and provide operator training for free (except for travel expense of our technicians).
2. If you need on-site installation and commissioning, we offer equipment foundation drawing and you are responsible for basic construction and need to provide lifting equipment and other necessities. We will inform you to prepare accessories for installation before delivery, such as power line, sizing blocks, hydraulic oil, etc.

If you fail to find the desired products in our existing sheet metal rolls, angle roll machines and hydraulic pipe bending machines, we can tailor machines to your individual specifications.

After-Sales Service
1. One-year warranty, starting from the day when you receive the machine;
2. Free change of parts that are damaged due to non-human made reasons under warranty;
3. Lifelong service available when the machine is beyond warranty, only charging the cost of production and accessories;
If your problems have not been handled yet, please contact us as soon as possible. Our rich expertise and know-how can help.

From following pages, you can visually see the commissioning that our engineers have done to part of our customers.

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