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Juli-Your trustworthy plate rolling machine manufacturer from China with 17 years experience in this industry. Our bending machines have been serving to many customers from all industries.

From following pages, you can visually see the commissioning that our engineers have done to part of our customers.

  • Due to labor shortage, and requirements for higher working efficiency and workpiece forming precision, our W10NC 2-roll plate bending machine is widely used for fast and large batch production of thin-walled pipe, car's oil tank, exhaust pipe and filter, solar heater water tank, liquid and gas storage tank, etc.

  • Here on this page, we are showing you in pictures the trial run we have done in our factory for the W11XNC-100×3200 plate bending machine that we would deliver to Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group.

  • This is our W12NC-40×1500 4-roll plate bending machine customized for a customer in Luoyang city of China. It is a CNC hydraulic plate bender designed with 4 rolls. Equipped with special tooling around the rolls, the 4-roll plate roll can bend special shaped plates. Removing the tooling from the rolls, it can bend flat plates.

  • Our W24S-6 angle roll is mainly used to bend round, square and rectangular tubing, flat, channel and angle bars, as well as T, H and U sections.

  • The section bending machine can be used to roll angle, flat and channel steels, round and square tubes, I and H sections and other special profiles. We can make tooling based on your profile size.

  • Equipped with special tooling, the profile bender can be used to bend flat, angle and channel bars, H, L and U sections, round and rectangular tubes.

  • Juli manufactured a W24S-320 angle roll for Jiangsu Jinyang Group, which can be used to roll angle bars, flat bars, etc. Additionally, the steel bending machine can be used to make large diameter flanges.

  • The W24S-1500 angle roll shown here is what we manufactured for a customer from China's Jiangsu province. It is mainly used for making flanges.

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