W11-50×3000 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine serving a Customer in Nanjing

All actions of W11-50×3000 3-roll plate bending machine can be controlled on a mobile control panel that provides digital readout of the top roll's positions. The 3-roll plate roll comes with compact structure and simplified process, thus reducing labor strength. Equipped with emergency stop device, the metalworking machine can maximally ensure operator's safety.

On-Site Commissioning
1. Following pictures show that we were commissioning the plate bending roll for a customer in Nanjing city in China. The maximum rolling thickness of the bending machine is up to 50mm and the max rolling width reaches 3000mm.

  • Plate end pre-bending
  • Rolling
  • Rolling
  • Forming

2. This customer is a renowned wide and thick steel plate manufacturer in China. We offer our W11-50×3000 plate bending machine to the customer. The pictures below show the on-site commissioning.

Please click the hyperlink to know the detailed specifications of our W11-50×3000 plate bending machine.

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